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Multi-Award-winning, British voice actor specialising in Corporate narration and eLearning.
Naturally RP with a confident, bright, friendly and trustworthy tone. ©2021


Well crafted and consistent continuing professional development is a vital component of my business. It delivers benefits to me, my profession and of course, my clients and the importance of my continuing professional development can not be underestimated;

  • CPD ensures my capabilities keep pace with the current standards of other voice actors.
  • It makes sure that I maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a professional service to my clients.
  • CPD enables me to stay relevant and up to date with the changing trends and directions within the voiceover industry.
  • It helps me stay interested and interesting. Focussed CPD opens me up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skills.

Actors are like athletes in that we need to be constantly working out and staying mentally and artistically sharp. Acting is a craft and it requires work otherwise those skills you’ve worked so hard on, will wither away. It’s important therefore to engage in a regular schedule of coaching. Training is not something you do a handful of times a year and then you’re good! It’s an essential part of your career diet and is the reason I invest in bi-weekly coaching sessions with LA based, award-winning film director and voiceover trainer Robin Armstrong


Having consistent, on-going coaching, means I’m able to take time to explore ideas and new ways of thinking.  I’m given the space to be encouraged to feel free to play as an actor. Interestingly, when going through this process of probing, evaluating, bringing one’s insides out for the purpose of a pure expression and creativity, there’s often a mysterious, magical ripple effect which can manifest itself in an unexplained upsurge in bookings. If you want a more vibrant, and successful acting career, it’s imperative that you continue to train.

 In addition to my regular training, I also attend voiceover conferences, seminars, workshops and webinars and have received training from some of the voiceover industry’s most highly rated coaches, actors, casting directors, business mentors and mindfulness practitioners, including;

  • Dave Fennoy – Award-winning video game voice actor
  • Mary Lynn Wissner – Voiceover Casting Director & founder of Voices Voicecasting
  • Elley-Ray Hennessy – Voiceover Coach & Actor
  • Yvonne Morley – Vocal Coach
  • Anna Parker Naples – Life Coach, Success Coach & Master NLP Practitioner
  • Sean Pratt – Actor & audio book narrator

I’m extremely grateful to the amazing Rachael Naylor and her team at The Voiceover Network, who are dedicated to helping, supporting and strengthening the voiceover industry. They are key to introducing me to the most prominent and current coaches and voiceover professionals in the industry and they play a fundamental role in my Continuing Professional Development.

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