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Multi-Award-winning, British voice actor specialising in Corporate narration and eLearning.
Naturally RP with a confident, bright, friendly and trustworthy tone. ©2021

California Dreamin’ – SOVAS, a year on…

A year ago today, I won this beautiful trophy at the lavish Voice Arts Awards Gala held at the Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, California – truly one of the most memorable night’s of my life.  The Voice Arts® Awards is a global competition celebrating some of the world’s best media, where the voice is a key creative element. It was most unexpected but an absolute honour to be nominated for such a prestigious award and be up against some of the industry’s most talented artists. To go on and win the ‘Outstanding E-Learning, Best Voiceover’ category was truly overwhelming and if truth be known, I’m still half expecting to receive an email telling me there’s been a dreadful mistake!

Whilst in LA, I took every opportunity to meet as many new contacts as possible and as a result, I’ve spent much of the past year conversing with newly found friends on both sides of the pond and auditioning/recording for projects that many of the kind agents I met, have sent my way. One of the first things I did when I returned from LA, was send a newsletter to my list of clients which not only told them of my win, but also served as a gentle reminder to those I hadn’t heard from for a while, that I’m still working as a successful voice actor and am available for hire! And speaking of PR, I also contacted local media outlets who were all keen to report on my moment in the spotlight. Thankfully, my business has continued to go from strength to strength and I have no doubt that my success in LA has been a contributing factor.

When I launched my voiceover business full-time, I remember creating a vision board and there, right in the centre, underneath a picture of a shiny Neumann microphone, was the SOVAS Voice Arts Awards logo! It remains in place to this day, as a permanent reminder of that glamorous night in Hollywood but more importantly, as a tool to motivate me to never give up the relentless pursuit of being the best I can possibly be. Winning the award last November, doesn’t mean I’ve made it. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I will continuously work as hard as I can in the hope that one day, I can proudly walk down that red carpet once again.

Remarkably, I recently found out that I have received two nominations in the same category in this years awards. Unfortunately though, the chance to return to LA has been cruelly taken away as a result of the global pandemic. As devastated as I am to be missing out on another Californian adventure, I’m thankful that myself and my loved ones have yet to suffer at the hands of the virus and my heart goes out to everyone that has endured poor health, grief and loss. I pray that next year things will finally begin to return to normal and that once again, we can come together and celebrate everything that’s so great about this incredible industry.

To my family & friends for the support you’ve given me over the many years I’ve been pursuing my dream, to Rachael Naylor and all at The Voiceover Network who have given me so many opportunities to learn and grow as a voice actor, to all the coaches that have given up their time to share their wisdom & knowledge with me and to the inspirational Rudy and Joan, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible, I give you nothing but my heartfelt thanks. Words can barely express my gratitude.

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